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June 2019


 Testing Rubric

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PostSubject: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 14, 2013 4:30 pm


Tests will consist of one matches, using either different or the same decks. Different decks are encouraged as you will be awarded 5 bonus points for doing so.
The following are the rules for tests. Both the tester and the testee must follow these rules:

Forbidden List: The most recent Forbidden List must be used
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG

Banned Decks:
Stall Decks
Burn Decks
Deck-Out Decks

Match Results: ?/17 points
- Tester ? vs. ? Testee: ?/17

Score depends on the overall result:
Tester 0 vs. 2 Testee ->17/17
Tester 1 vs. 2 Testee ->12/17
Tester 2 vs. 1 Testee -> 7/17
Tester 2 vs. 0 Testee -> 0/17

Match Deck Construction: ?/30

- Number of Cards: ?/6
40 cards: 6/6
41-42 cards: 5/6
43 with GOOD reason: 4/6
43-60: 0/6

- Consistency: ?/14
How do you feel your deck worked? Did I get good combos off, or couldn't the testee do anything special? Did it work how it is supposed to?
(Personal Evaluation).

- Originality: ?/8
If it is a new idea for a deck, give it credit. If not and it just looks like any other deck that you see everywhere (Dino-Rabbit, Dark World) take points.

- Side Deck: ?/2
How many cards does the side deck have?
15 cards: 2/2 points
0-14 cards: 1/2 points
0 cards: 0 points

Match Performance: ?/43 points

- Rulings: ?/16
Did he know all rulings? Did he misunderstand effects? Did he not know effects ot game mechanics? For every mistake take away points.
Also you are allowed to FAKE rulings. For example chain something to a Counter Trap that can't be chained to it due to Spell Speed. If the testee catches it, give him points if not tell him what you just did AND DO NOT CONTINUE PLAYING WITH THE FAKE RULING. Go back, show what was wrong and pretend it didn't happen.

- Focus: ?/4
Did he misclick a lot? Take cards back from the field because he played the wrong one? If so, take points. He needs to be focused when tested.

- Use of cards: ?/10
Did he use his cards correctly? Did he understand effects and used them when appropriate? Or could he have achieved a better result if he had played differently? When evaluating this give CLEAR and DETAILED information and examples. Don't just say "You should not summon this and that", say why not and what you would have done in their place!

- Siding: ?/8
Ask the testee what he sided after the match. Where the choices good or did he not side at all? If the cards he sided made an impact on the game and changed the result, then give him the highest credit.

-Attitude: ?/5
How was his attitude? Was he a good sport? Did he give up too quick? Rage quit and not continue? Rate him on his actions and sportsmanship.

Overall Total: ?/82
0 - 43: Uria Dorm
48 - 67: Hamon Dorm
68 - 82: Raviel Dorm


Match Results: ?/17 points
- Tester ? vs. ? Testee

Match Deck Construction Total: ?/30 points
- Number of Cards: ?/6
- Consistency: ?/14
- Originality: ?/8
- Side Deck: ?/2

Match Performance Total: ?/35 points
- Rulings: ?/16
- Focus: ?/4
- Use of cards: ?/10
- Attitude: ?/5


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Testing Rubric
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